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Give Me My Props for Being the Coolest Guy On the Planet!

August 17th, 2008 by admin

Coolest Guy On the Planet Update and How A Woman is Destined to Become the Coolest Guy on the Planet

I have done absolutely nothing in about three weeks to and I am ready to “Drop It Like It’s Hot!”   :)
 Kimberly Kenya Kimbrough is ranked on page 2 in Google SERP for the keyword term:  “coolest guy on the planet.” 
Fellas, a sista deserves her props!
Below is a screenshot of Googles 2nd page from August 17, 2008. 
Google SERP Page 2 from August 17, 2008 for Coolest Guy On the Planet

Google SERP Page 2 from August 17, 2008 for Coolest Guy On the Planet

But you know what, I have to give myself props first.  So I am going to talk about me, me, me and how cool I am at what I do.  I was listening to a woman talk about how people have outside forces to deal with such as abandonment, failure, etc.  and this is because they are doing this exact same thing to themselves. 

For me, I realized that my issues of feeling abandoned by my un-cool guy who fathered me was being enacted wtihin myself.  I have all of these talents but was not doing anything with them, at least not to my fullest.  So I was abandoning myself!

The bottom line is that ever since I heard that message and it snapped me out of the things that tie me down, I refuse to abandon my talents, my experience, my education, my voice, my passion and my drive.  Let me repeat this, “I REFUSE TO ABANDON ME!”

So here’s the coolest story behind all of this:

I grew up in small towns in Missouri, not the most diverse places to call home.  And I was Black and a female.  My mother was an alcoholic and drank herself to death.  My father is alive, an alchoholic and a deadbeat dad who I never met until I turned 31 years old after I found him using the Internet.  Of course, now that I know for sure he has my phone number, his sorry ass still doesn’t call.  He doesn’t even deserve a mention on my website but it is very healing to talk about it, too.  Most daddy’s should be considered the Coolest Guy on the Planet in their daughter’s eyes.  Well, he is definitely not Cool.  And the funny thing about all of this is that I am not even mad.  I am just telling the truth.

I was the oldest child and I had to take care of my sister and brother.  I fed them, bathed them, made them do their chores (or I better have done the chores or else I would get the butt whoopin’), helped with their homework and made sure they minded their manners.  I taught my sister and brother how to ride their bicycles, how to ride skateboards, how to climb trees, how to line a fishing pole with a worm and more.  When my sister and brother were afraid, they came to me.  In many ways, I was my mother’s “partner” in raising us.  Yes, as a child, I was the Coolest Guy on the Planet for my sister and brother.

But this little snippet about my life should give you an idea of how I could also allow this upbringing to sabotage my success.  And for this reason, I have watched all of the coolest guys on the planet who do Internet Marketing come out with product after product.  I watch them in their headers with those nice smiles, wearing business suits and welcoming folks to spend money on the latest hyped up product.

I must admit that I didn’t feel like the coolest guy or the coolest woman on the planet.  I felt very small.  Mainly I listened to the negative voices inside me and I told myself that I could not be successful because I did not look like B R A D F A L L O N or A R M A N D M O R I N or M I C H A E L F I L S A I M E!

The Rise of Kimberly Kimbrough to status as the Coolest Guy On the Planet

My company recently did not hire me for the position of SEO Analyst although many of my coworkers told the decision makers that I knew a lot about search engine optimization.  My final interview was with a guy who worked at one of the major domain name companies.  He flatout told me that doing SEO from home was not credible!  He said that the perfect person would have done SEO for a major hosting company.  I literally sat there sickened to my stomach because I knew perfectly well what he was saying to me.  That I was not going to get the job.  He also spent most of the interview trying to convince himself that he and I had the same experience and knowledge in SEO.  I asked him for examples of his websites or proof of his income and he had nothing.  But what did he have?  The ability to read several books on SEO and drop into the owner’s office and discuss what he read.  Our owner’s know business but not hands on web development.

But you know what?  I maintained my cool.  And it gave me the motivation to go out and create my own SEO site.  It also pissed me off enough to become the Coolest Guy on the Planet and to go down in history as one of the top female Search Engine Optimization Professionals.  I sure as hell did not need that job to tell me that I am an SEO Analyst.  I sure as hell do not need to look like a young Bill Gates to enter into the competition as the Coolest Guy on the Planet either.

Help Kimberly Kimbrough Become Number One as the Coolest Guy On the Planet!
If you are on facebook, myspace, friendster, or have your own blog. Please paste a link to my website. In return, I will add your link to this site which is moving up the SERP’s and you can become a part of a revolution! I have been called the Harriett Tubman of the Digital Underground Railroad and you are a part of a great movement! Make sure you use the full URL to my Coolest Guy on the Planet page.

The Coolest Guy on the Planet is Kimberly Kimbrough.

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