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Coolest Guy on the Planet – Kimberly Kimbrough

July 20th, 2008 by admin

Living in a Man’s World, A Woman’s Attempt to Become the Coolest Guy On The Planet.

Hello Gentlemen, I am the Coolest Woman on the Planet. And being an SEO geek, it only makes sense for me to hang out with the Coolest Guys on the Planet.

I noticed all of the top SEO guys like J o n a t h a n L e D g e r and B r a d F a l l o n who are currently ranked number one and number two in Google for the keywords for Coolest Guy…, and I am very competitive by nature. I also get tickled to think that anyone can enter this competition because the search engines have level the playing field.

Anyone with a computer, basic technical savvy, and the desire to learn Internet Marketing and search engine optimization both on the page and off the page, can compete for any keyword provided that their page is relevant.

Kimberly Kimbrough, Coolest Guy On The Planet

So here I come, wearing red stilletos and cute silver earrings. Kimberly Kimbrough is the Coolest Guy on the Planet. Why? Because I am a single parent who plays the role of both mother and father. I wear the pants in my household. I bring home the bacon. And I celebrate Father’s Day, too!

Now I know it must appear odd that a woman such as myself would be so bold as to try to achieve a high ranking for the search keyword, “Coolest Guy On The Planet.”

I have been doing Internet Marketing since 1997, long before search engines were even talked about. This is because most big businesses did not need to invest in online marketing because they had already spent billions offline which was the traditional arena.

I started with an original Yahoo Group for Black and Latin people to get together and connect. In about 4 months, I had 12,000 members. How did that happen? I promoted it on other websites. Also, I sent invites to people directly within Yahoo. I had enough people out there, too, who considered the group a quality, authoritative internet destination and that attracted more folks.

So 11 years later, the search engines, such as Google, have become more and more important in one’s online success. The majority of people find websites by visiting a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, or MSN. If you are not ranked high, then they will not find you. SERP is extremely important.

As I enter, Jonathan L E G E R is ranked number one and Brad F A L L O N is ranked number two in Google for the search term: Coolest Guy On The Planet.

As of July 20, 2008, I am ranked number 161 out of 156,000 websites that come up for the search term: Coolest Guy on the Planet. Kimberly Kimbrough has a long way to go. But I am also aspiring to be the Coolest Woman on the Planet, also. So like being a parent, I have my hands full to become the coolest and to claim SEO expert guru status.

Look out cool guys, I have my heels on and I am on your heels!

Stay tuned: Kimberly Coolest Guy On the Planet Kimbrough

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