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Hello! My name is Kimberly Kimbrough.
I have been worknig online from home since 1997.
I started when I was home on maternity leave and I brought my first computer.
I setup a group in Yahoo for Black and Latin people to convene. I marketed the site within Yahoo targetting my niche group. Within 4 months, the site grew to 12,000 visitors. One guy who I never met even created a tshirt and we sold it on the web. I still have the tshirt to this day.

I went back to work but I never quit loving the Internet. I became fascinated at how the Internet works and although I never invested in owning a domain name, I was an original member to many of the social networking sites of that era (yes they did exist) and even to this day, I have maintained friendships with many of my online friends.

In 2000, I had been a Convention Sales Manager for a Convention and Visitors Bureau and I got fired two weeks after I told my boss that I was going back to school to get my Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Information Management. This boss, I believe, was afraid of my success and I had attempted to start a business which she successfully threatened me that I would lose my job if I continued. Now that I am older, I wish I would have kept my business. But hindsight is always 20/20.

Well she fired me because I had told her that I was going back to school. So there I was, no job, single mom, with a 3 year old. After I stopped crying, I sat down at my computer and started working. I started out by building a political website for a woman who was running for Missouri’s state legislature. I then went on to work with other small businesses by building their websites. I supported myself, my child, and paid for school by using Internet marketing techniques. I had to work hard and I sacrificed a lot to learn the web.

I have several domains that are in niche markets and I have been successful with those websites. I wrote three ebooks and sold 157 copies within 5 months for $9.95 a piece.

Today, I am a Web Design / SEO Project Manager for one of the top design companies in the country. And I love it because I work with a fun group of Internet people and it is a great learning environment. I realized working there, that I know a lot about SERP’s, SEO, SEM, Internet Marketing, etc. because I have worked from home and have turned ideas into profit centers that paid the bills and put food on my table. I DID THIS!

I can confidently claim that I am one of the original SEO Marketing people. And in my peaceful home, behind my computer, I have made money online. Not just pennies, but thousands by following good practices.

I have just as much know how to become Kimberly Kimbrough, the Coolest Guy on the Planet.
And I am honored to be competing with some of the more well-known Internet Marketing gurus.

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